Dear information theory community member,

As part of several efforts to improve inclusivity in the information theory community, we ask that you fill out this demographics and inclusion survey. This should take about 5 to 15 minutes.

Why?  The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee in the Information Theory Society (ITSoc) is very interested in knowing how we can improve in ways that make everyone feel welcome and included. We are also collecting demographic information (following NCWIT and CRA-W) so that we can (a) understand where we stand as a community, and (b) identify areas in which the society can improve and develop strategies to address challenges that exist.

Privacy: All questions are optional and this survey is anonymous. 

The ITSoc D&I Committee has appointed a sub-committee consisting of Nihar Shah, Stark Draper, and Tara Javidi to conduct this survey.  The raw (anonymous) survey data will only be accessed by this subcommittee. Only aggregate statistics will be made public, and only statistics about groups that include at least 25 individuals to ensure privacy. Any information from text boxes will be anonymized and aggregated and only reported in ways that protect your identity.

Please contact Nihar Shah ( or Stark Draper ( or Tara Javidi ( with any concerns or questions.

Note: This survey will remain open until August 31, 2021. If you wish to fill the survey in more than one sitting, you may edit it even after you submit it (by hitting "Done" at the end) later from the same computer and browser (surveymonkey uses cookies to enable this). The survey does not track any IP addresses etc. for privacy.
Acknowledgements: Parts of this survey are based on the NeurIPS 2018 diversity and inclusion survey, and are used here with permission. 

We value your time and your candor in responding to this survey. Thank you very much.