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The Governor’s Alaska Council of EMS seeks certified State of Alaska Advanced EMS Instructors and subject matter experts to volunteer on a Task Force that develops and implements a strategy of new educational objectives for the following:

     •    State of Alaska EMS Scope of Practice as designed by the ACEMS Medical Director’s Committee; and,
     •    Educational enhancements to the EMT-1, EMT-2, EMT-3, (proposed) Advanced EMT and Instructor certification levels.

The purpose of this Task Force is to collaborate with the State of Alaska Office of EMS to affect the improvements from recent EMS systems changes that include, but are not limited to,
     A.    develop, edit or amend documents such as the Guide for Education Certification and Licensure, national education learning objectives, and/or specific lesson plans that update instructors and providers to the proposed standards and specifically 2018 State of Alaska EMS Scope of Practice;
     B.    develop and enact a roll-out plan that efficiently and effectively updates all Alaska EMS instructors and providers in the content listed above;
     C.    suggest specific recommendations for other identified improvements.

Work Plan
The Task Force leader will design a project management system that allows for up to two webinar meetings per month with a division of work to the expertise of the Task Force members. Meetings will be recorded should members be unable to attend a scheduled meeting that affects members’ regular commitments.

By filling out and submitting the following application I agree to the following statement:
I am willing to participate in the ACEMS Task Force and attend scheduled meetings.

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