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The Invasive Species Strategy for BC is a framework for invasive species management in British Columbia. It provides a common vision for invasive species management and guides the coordination of invasive species prevention and control.

A call for improved coordination in 2002 led to the first Invasive Plant Strategy for BC, which identified shared priorities and recommendations to guide the work of governments, non-governments, and businesses. In 2012, the Strategy was updated and expanded to an Invasive Species Strategy for BC, with a second strategy published in 2018. Work is underway to build the next Invasive Species Strategy for BC 2023-2027, and we need your input.
A team of collaborative advisors guiding the Strategy’s development is seeking your input on accomplishments, successes and lessons learned over the last five years, as well as some forward-thinking priorities and actions to be addressed over the next five years.

Please take the time to complete this three-part survey:

Part 1) Monitoring for success and reporting back;
Part 2) Sharing case studies that highlight great work or lessons learned; and,
Part 3) Informing the new Invasive Species Strategy for BC 2023-2027.

Information gathered will be used to inform the Monitoring for Success survey report and will shape the Invasive Species Strategy for BC 2023-2027

Please, feel free to review the previous Invasive Species Strategy for BC 2018-2022

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