Contribute to the ISPOR Book of Terms!

ISPOR is in the process of updating one of its best-selling products,  HEALTH CARE QUALITY, COST, AND OUTCOMES: ISPOR BOOK OF TERMS. The ISPOR Book of Terms has sold nearly 10,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into 13 different languages. 

ISPOR invites its members to submit suggested NEW terms to include in the update of the Book of Terms.  With over 10,000 active members in more than 115 countries, the updated ISPOR Book of Terms will be a valuable resource to the global health economics and outcomes research community. 

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1. What new terms would you like to see included in the updated ISPOR Book of Terms?  (please refer to the existing terms in the current edition of the Book of Terms)

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2. If you like to be contacted about authoring one of your contributed terms, please enter your contact information: