The goal of the ISGC collaboration grant program is to encourage and support new collaborations for researchers (faculty and/or students) to further the development and enhancement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities within the state of Idaho. Often, these types of grants are used to fund travel to research centers (e.g., a NASA Center, a National Lab, or a potential industry partner).

Maximum award per application: $2000
Minimum cost share per application: Cost share must equal or exceed amount requested.

We recommend that you have the following prepared before starting the application:
1. The names and institutions of the potential collaborators you will meet with on this trip.
2. A concise description of what you are requesting funding for and how the funding will benefit you, ISGC, and other major beneficiaries.
3. A 150 word maximum abstract or summary of the requested travel.
4. A budget (in Excel). Please be sure to include not only your request, but also your cost share sources and amounts).  Budget templates are available at
5. Your resume/CV (in Word or PDF)