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Pre Symposium Work Shop - Antibiotic Prophylaxis - Invite Only
The future is here: from teixobactim & lugdunin to S. aureus immunotherapy
Antibiotic Symposium:
The Role of Old and New Antibiotics For Treating Endocarditis caused by Gram-positive pathogens
Workshop: The Management of Prosthetic Vascular Graft Infections (PVGI)
101 on Top Ten Publications in IE and BSI
ISC Sponsored Joint Symposium on BSI and Endocarditis Blood Stream Infections in the immunocompromised host
Symposium on Infectious Diseases in Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices
Panel Discussion - Fascinating Failure or Surprising Success? Two cases of IE
ESCMID-EuropeanStudy Group (ESGIAI) and ISCVID joint symposium
Workshop: Towards an international consensus - Mycobacterium chimera 
ESGIAI sponsored symposium. Title: “Prevention of Infective Endocarditis: Should we focus on the source or substrate?"
Endocarditis From Unique Regions
Suitability of formats used during the event

* 9. Was there adequate time available for discussions, questions & answers and learner engagement?

Ways the event affects clinical practice

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Commercial bias

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