Identifying and Prioritizing Training Needs for ISBOA Members

This is a short survey to help ISBOA identify members' training needs. Your responses will help ISBOA prioritize training to develop and offer in 2014.

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Name of the person responsible for assessing training needs/conducting training for your company:

* 3. Do you outsource your training needs

* 4. Do you prefer online training

* 5. In 2014, ISBOA is planning on offering online training programs at cost effective rates - will you be interested in:

  No Yes Maybe
Daily Trip Inspection Training for Drivers/Operators
Records of Duty Status Training for Drivers/Operators
Defensive Driving
Customer Service Training
Ministry of Labour Employee Awareness Program

* 6. What additional training programs would you like ISBOA to offer, both classroom and/or online in 2014?
For example: AODA | Human Resources/Management | WHMIS | Workplace Safety | First Aid | Driver Improvement Course