* 1. I know what my child’s teacher expects from my child

* 2. I have enrolled my child with a Supplemental Educational Service provider
(Free tutoring service)

* 3. I know who the school’s Principal is

* 4. I know who my child’s Assistant principal is

* 5. I know the schools Parent Coordinator

* 6. I feel welcomed in the school

* 7. I have attended Parent Association Meetings in the past year

* 8. I have attended School Leadership Team Meetings

* 9. There is active parent involvement in the school

* 10. I feel comfortable communicating with the staff in the school

* 11. Is there anything specifically that keeps you from becoming more active in the school please explain briefly below.

* 12. I receive the monthly parent newsletter.

* 13. I support my child’s learning at home

* 14. Please suggest any programs that you would like the school to develop in order to
Achieve more parental Involvement

* 15. What can we do to help you be more involved in your child’s learning?

* 16. What is the best way for the school to get information to you? (Check all that apply)

* 17. 21. Which of the following programs would to like to participate as a learner in the school for parents?

* 18. In order to increase parental involvement the following events will be planned please check the events that you might participate in

* 19. I know all my child’s teachers name