This survey seeks information about access to and use of e-Journals and other publications by academics, researchers and others in Ireland. It is being undertaken as part of a Strategic Review of IReL by the Higher Education Authority in the context of increasing publisher costs and growing support for Open Science / Open Access. 

IReL is the Irish Research eLibrary. Set up in 2004 and expanded in 2006, IReL provides access (primarily for the university sector) to over 30,000 peer-reviewed on-line research publications, including full-text databases, index and abstracting services, e-books and journal articles, from leading publishers. 

The Strategic Review seeks to understand usage and to consider opportunities and challenges in accessing and using e-journals, in order to set out best practice in the provision of national research e-library services, and to propose strategic options for the future. The ambition is that IReL will grow to become a national research e-library, and the Strategic Review will be an important step in translating this ambition into a realisable and sustainable strategy. 

This survey will take you about 10 minutes to complete. Opportunity is given at the end of the survey to provide any additional comments that you consider to be relevant. Your responses will be anonymised, and the data will be kept in a secure place. Your name will be known only if you volunteer to be interviewed.

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