Irwin Post Test

* 1. What should you do to escape from a smoke-filled room?

* 2. How many fruits and vegetables should we eat a day?

* 3. How much physical activity should kids get each day?

* 4. When you work or play, your body changes the food you eat into _______:

* 5. Which cereal is the healthiest choice for breakfast?

* 6. Choose two healthy habits:

* 7. Having electronics like hair dryers and anything plugged into a wall near water is dangerous.

* 8. An example of a well-balanced meal is:

* 9. Foods from which group helps build strong muscles?

* 10. Hot dogs, grapes, coins and hard, round mints present a high choking risk for children.

* 11. What should you do to help someone that is hurt or choking?