1. Welcome to IREC's Call for Nominations for its 2018 3iAwards!

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IREC, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, increases access to sustainable energy and energy efficiency through independent fact-based policy leadership, quality workforce development and consumer empowerment. Our vision is a world powered by clean sustainable energy where society's interests are valued and protected.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) announces its 25th annual Call for Nominees for its 2018 3iAwards - a prestigious annual national search for innovative people, projects and programs that promote and accelerate the sustainable growth of clean energy. IREC's 3iAwards honor innovation, ingenuity and inspiration from the nation's best in both renewable energy and energy efficiency. A select committee of industry, educators and other stakeholders will review and judge the 2018 applications. 
As in years past, IREC’s 2018 3iAwards will recognize outstanding renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, programs and people in five categories:
  • Community/Shared Renewables Project of the Year
  • State and Local Government Initiative of the Year
  • Regulatory Champion of the Year
  • IREC Accredited Training Organization of the Year
  • IREC Certified Clean Energy Instructor/Master Trainer of the Year
NEW for 2018! IREC's 2018 Young Clean Energy Innovator!

The newest award category, for 2018 Young Clean Energy Innovator of the Year, will recognize a promising high school or post-secondary student in any academic or entrepreneurial discipline whose innate talents, depth and quality of studies, research and vision or hands-on action are emblematic of the next generation of innovators relentlessly pursuing clean energy solutions.

Awards are not limited to college graduates. Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others didn't complete college, yet their vision and ideas continue to change our world. Nominations will be accepted from high school or post-secondary faculty in any academic discipline, current and past employers and mentors. 

Esteemed colleagues representing government, education, entrepreneurship, policy, industry, technology and journalism will judge the Young Clean Energy Innovator applications.
Nominations for all six categories are open from February 27-March 26, 2018.  

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