As a part of our ongoing effort to improve the customer service we provide to our customers, we would like to invite you to participate in a short survey. The survey won’t take very long with only 9 questions. 

Your response will be kept confidential.
If you would prefer to talk to someone directly, please feel free to either call or email.

Thanks in advance,

Kirsten Bergan
Customer Feedback Coordinator
IRD (International Road Dynamics Inc.)
Ph: (306) 653-6645

* 1. In evaluating your most recent customer service experience, how was the quality of the service you received:

* 2. What was the name of your customer service representative? 

* 3. Please describe which aspects of the service experience stood out most (can be positive or negative):

* 4. How would you rate the process for solving your issue?

* 5. Describe which aspects of the problem resolution process stood out the most (can be positive or negative):

* 6. The customer service representative was courteous.

* 7. The customer service representative was knowledgeable.

* 8. Do you have any additional feedback that you would like to share with IRD? 

* 9. Would you like IRD's Customer Feedback Coordinator to contact you to discuss this survey or any other issue?