Thank you for taking a moment to complete this short survey about our response to Hurricane Irma

* 1. Do you reside in an Indian River County designated hurricane evacuation zone?

* 2. If you answered yes to question number one, from which of the following areas do you live? If no, skip to question   three.

* 3. Did you evacuate for Hurricane Irma?

* 4. If you did not evacuate, what was your reason?

* 5. If you evacuated, where did you choose to go?

* 6. What convinced you to leave your home to go someplace else?

* 7. If you evacuated to a public shelter in Indian River County, how would you rate your experience?

* 8. How did you receive storm information? Check all that apply.

* 9. Was the amount of information you received from Indian River County resources adequate?

* 10. How prepared do you consider you were for Hurricane Irma (adequate food, water, and other necessities)?

* 11. If applicable, how did your experience with Hurricane Matthew in 2016 influence your decisions as Hurricane Irma  approached?

* 12. If you have pets what did you do with them during Hurricane Irma?

* 13. If you have a pet, are you aware that Indian River County has a pet-friendly shelter?

* 14. Did you lose power as a result of Hurricane Irma?

* 15. If you lost power due to Hurricane Irma, how long was it before your power was restored?

* 16. If you subscribe to Alert Indian River, how useful did you find the messages?

* 17. If you downloaded our mobile app, Aware and Prepare Indian River, how useful did you find the information?