1. Introduction

Welcome to Canadian Lawyer’s Top Boutiques survey. We're looking for your input on the best firms specializing in intellectual property law, and labour & employment law.

Please base your rankings in the two categories below on the following factors:

• Service coverage within their specialty
• Client base
• Notable mandates
• Service excellence
• Legal expertise

Please note that the list isn't definitive, so please use the opportunity in each section to add your own nominee if you feel any worthy ones have been missed. Also, the survey results are not determinative of the final list. Our editorial team will make the final selections after drawing on the experience of in-house counsel and large-firm lawyers who refer work to these boutiques.

As with all Canadian Lawyer surveys, your votes will remain anonymous.

Voting closes Oct. 30, 2017.

Thanks for taking part and providing your valuable input!

* 1. Please tell us which firm or organization you are with (not for publication - for data organizational purposes only).

* 2. Please tell us your location (nearest town/city, and province). Not for publication - for data organizational purposes only.

* 3. When was your year of call? Not for publication - for data organizational purposes only.