Resource Submission Form

The Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Council (IPVPC) was formed to engage all Domestic Violence Coalitions, including state, tribal and territorial coalitions, in a national collaborative community that includes prevention practitioners, researchers, funders and allies to promote effective primary prevention of intimate partner violence.

The IPVPC envisions a future in which a multitude of agencies and organizations at the local, state, territory, tribal and national levels are engaged in collaborative and sustained primary prevention activities leading to social change that addresses the root causes of intimate partner violence in our culture.

To that end, one of our primary strategies is to develop a web-based repository of prevention resources and packages of adaptable models and tools to support primary prevention work.

By submitting material for our consideration, you grant permission for the IPVPC to host* the associated files on our publicly accessible website, and acknowledge that you have the authority to grant such permission or have been given this authority by the author/designer/creator or publisher/producer of the material.

* To host material means that it will be located on our server/website. This will allow us to gather data regarding access to the file (views, downloads, etc.) - information that we are happy to make available!

This form includes 33 questions organized into 5 sections. You may skip questions that do not apply. Please allow about 15 minutes to complete the form.

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