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We appreciate your interest to partner with the International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA).

IPLA focuses on networking the local authorities across the world, stresses on the link between waste and resources and aims to connect all key stakeholders through knowledge networks following the principles of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) and strategies such as Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3Rs).

IPLA is structured to represent a knowledge network that emphasizes practice. The Mission of IPLA is “to share knowledge, communicate across national boundaries, and work to spread best practice in order to accelerate the uptake of waste-related infrastructure and services at various stages of waste management such as avoidance, prevention, minimization, segregation, collection, transport, recycling, recovery, reuse treatment, and disposal”.

If in full agreement with IPLA’s mission and goal, you may complete and sign this Application Form and return it to the Partnership’s International Secretariat at the address mentioned at the end of the form.

To provide more information than what could be entered in the space provided, you may have to first complete and submit this application form online and then mail the additional details along with your application no. to ipla@uncrd.or.jp

For any other clarifications, please contact ipla@uncrd.or.jp (for the period interim)

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