Greetings from Aranya Agricultural Alternatives!

It has been a great pleasure to welcome you at the 13th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC India 2017) and we greatly thank you for your participation.

IPCs have been active since 1985 and are a unique occasion for permaculture practitioners around the world to gather, meet each other, share knowledge and expertise and strategize about the future of the movement.
IPCs are a succession of events rather than one in isolation. The learning experience happens from the day the host is selected (in 2013 for IPC India 2017) until a report is completed to handover lessons learnt and recommendations to the next host, i.e. IPC Argentina 2020.

This is where your voice really matters and is a precious source of information to be able to reflect upon this adventure.

About 1200 participants (including 350 International participants from 60 different countries and 450 local farmers) participated in the 2-day Conference which has been live streamed as well and about 500 participants came together for the 5-day Convergence. Receiving answers to this survey from as many of you as possible will surely help us to build upon this experience, and offer a great support to the IPCC (IPC Council), FIPC (Friends of IPC), and NĂ¡ Luum Institute (IPC Argentina 2020 host) to improve the design of the next IPC.

Wishing you the best in all the projects you are already carrying and the new ones to come,
Thank you very much, Dhanyavadalu,

In solidarity,

IPC India 2017 team
Aranya Agricultural Alternatives