The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) is currently starting the process of reviewing their Strategic Directions and is seeking feedback from their member federations. Orienteering Canada is asking for input into our response to the IOF. The preface of the current (21012-2018) Strategic Directions document is as follows: 

The vision of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) is that orienteering is included in the
Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The goals and strategic initiatives presented in Strategic Directions will promote the realisation of this
vision. The actions required to implement the strategy are contained in the Activity Plan and in Council
and Commission Remits.

The IOF is, by its Statutes, obliged to respect and abide by the Olympic Charter and the provisions of
the World Anti-Doping Code and to respect and implement the Olympic Movement’s Agenda 21 on
protection of the environment and sustainable development. 

The entire document can be viewed at

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* 1. IOFs current Vision is: "Orienteering shall be a truly global sport and
included in the Olympic and Paralympic Games." Do you think this Vision should continue to be the IOF’s ultimate common goal in the future? Please explain your thoughts. We are particularly looking for feedback on the goal of orienteering in the Olympics.

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* 2. Do you have any additional thoughts on the above mentioned document you wish to share? 

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* 3. Are you a member of a Canadian orienteering club/association?