1. Introduction to Engine

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Thank you for your interest in working with Engine to engage in high-impact community activity while expanding your skills and network.

The following project is starting shortly. Please get your application in ASAP:

Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP) – Outcome Measurement & Reporting

This project will help Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP) upgrade and integrate their data collection and outcome measurement process in order to serve both their internal and external needs for tracking and communicating client, donor, and volunteer outcomes in a more timely, accurate, and efficient way. Efficiency in collecting and using data internally will allow IOCP to effectively track each client through their systems and services for ultimately better service to the client. They will also improve their donor and volunteer data. With increased expectations for reporting and quantitative results it is vitally important to have good data.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the following information and your interests in working to impact the community.

For more about Engine, please visit www.poweredbyengine.com

Thank you!