INTERCOM Museum Leadership Research Project

There are two main reasons that INTERCOM is undertaking this research project and inviting you to participate.

The first reason is that, while there are many studies on leadership in general (and an increasing number on museum leadership in particular) there is no global picture of museum leadership which captures the differences between cultural contexts. It is this variation which INTERCOM is seeking to identify through this current study.

The second reason has been driven by the current pandemic, the impact which it has had on museums and the exceptional effort which it is demanding of its leaders. Are the world’s museum leaders sufficiently prepared and supported to navigate this crisis? What support will our leaders need in the future as unanticipated events become the ‘new normal’? How do leaders articulate the value of museums in a world where Covid  is changing the nature of the museum experience?

This survey is directed to Directors, Associate Directors and Department Heads of Museums. We know you are busy people and INTERCOM appreciates your time and willingness to participate in this survey. The combined responses will provide a picture of museum leadership across the globe- the differences that exist as the result of cultural variation and that which is common in spite of difference. Your answers will help INTERCOM plan its programme of current and future support for museum leaders as we look to the next decade. All of your responses will be treated anonymously and confidentially.  
17% of survey complete.