Transportation Master Plan Questionnaire (June 2012)

The Town of Innisfil has initiated the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Study. This Plan will guide the development of the Town’s long-term transportation network. This study reflects the Town’s desire to develop a sustainable transportation system with protection for future transit opportunities. We value your input on the Town’s Transportation Master Plan. Please feel free to forward the questionnaire to others. Thank you for completing this questionnaire. For questions or comments, please contact:

Amber Parnell, BSc., C.E.T.
Project Manager
Town of Innisfil
2101 Innisfil Beach Rd.
Innisfil, ON L9S 1A1
Phone: 705-436-3740 ext. 3234

Carl Wong, P.Eng.
Consultant Project Manager
100 York Boulevard, Suite 300
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1J8
Phone: 905-882-4100 ext. 5234

* 1. Which area of Innisfil do you live in?

* 2. What age group do you fall into?

* 3. Please rank the importance to you of the following items.

  Very important Important Somewhat important Not important
Road / traffic congestion
Lack of sidewalks, trails and paths
Lack of cycling paths
Lack of transit services

* 4. Would you use a walking/cycling trail to get around Innisfil?

* 5. Which area of Innisfil would you most like to have a walking trail/cycling path go to?

* 6. Which location would you most want to be connected to?

* 7. If a public transit service was available, what time(s) would you use it? (check more than one, if applicable)

* 8. If a public transit service was available, where should the service run? (check more than one, if applicable)

* 9. Do you use the GO Train service?

* 10. Do you use the GO bus service?

* 11. If the GO Transit bus service made an additional stop into Alcona, would you use the service?

* 12. Do you have any comments regarding the Transportation Master Plan in Innisfil?

100% of survey complete.