The objective of this survey is to capture the current and historical social, economic, cultural, community wellbeing and land use of the CNA Participating Bands with respect to the Highland Valley. In order to assess the potential impacts of an additional 13+ years of mining in the Highland Valley (i.e. the HVC 2040 Project), we need an understanding of current and historical conditions. 
This survey is for CNA Participating Band members only which includes,  

- Ashcroft Indian Band 
- Boston Bar First Nation 
- Coldwater Indian Band 
- Cooks Ferry Indian Band 
- Nooaitch Indian Band 
- Nicomen Indian Band 
- Shackan Indian Band 
- Siska Indian Band 

There are two surveys:

Individual Survey: All Participating Band members over the age of 16 are asked to fill this out. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes and we are offering a $50 gift card and entry into a grand prize draw as compensation. 

Head of Household Survey: If you are the head of your household (someone who represents those living within the same home), please fill this out. You will also be eligible to answer the Individual Survey, however only one Head of Household Survey is allowed per household. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes and we are offering a $25 gift card as compensation. 

All individual information gathered during the surveys will be considered confidential and only collective data will be used to inform CNA’s review of the HVC 2040 Project. Personal information will not be tied to survey responses and is only being used for gift card compensation.
If you have any questions, contact: Michelle Bacon, Community Stewardship Lead at 250-378-1864 or by e-mail at mbacon@cna-trust.ca

All respondents to the Individual Survey will also be entered into a final draw to win one of three prizes: a hunting knife set, blanket, or a smoker.
If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions or would rather not answer for any reason, just check ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Prefer not to answer.'

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* 1. Please enter the first three digits of your status number to proceed to the survey.