1. Member Instruction & Verification

In order to vote, you must be a member of the Indianapolis Medical Society (IMS) in good standing.  In order to verify your membership, you will be required to fill out personal information at the start of this survey. An incomplete submission or a non-member response will not be counted in the final vote tally.  

After completing the first section, you can move on the election ballot portion where you can vote for each leadership position. You may also write-in candidates but keep in mind that they must be in good standing to be considered.  

Lastly, we have included a short membership satisfaction survey and a general comment box.  We would appreciate your additional feedback should you feel comfortable.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Morgan Perrill, Executive Vice President, at 317-639-3406 or mperrill@indymedicalsociety.org. 

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* 1. IMS Membership Verification Information, please fill out the following: 
NOTE: all personal information is kept private and not shared outside of the Society or ISMA.