Thank you for your interest in Georgia State University's crowdfunding platform, IMPACT Georgia State. This application will evaluate your project's suitability for a 30-day fundraising project. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Once your application is received a member of the office Annual Programs will be in touch. If you have any questions regarding the information needed for your application, please contact Michael Rohling in the Office of Annual Programs.

* 1. Project Title

* 2. Project category:

* 4. Organization/Department

* 5. Project Leadership, primary contact

* 6. Project Leadership, secondary contact

* 7. Faculty/Staff Advisor, if different than primary contact

* 8. Does your group currently have a crowdfunding account established with the Georgia State University Foundation where funds raised can be deposited?

* 9. In addition to faculty/staff advisors, it is important that departmental fundraisers, leadership, and business managers are aware of your project. Indicate which of these individuals you have contacted.

* 10. How much money are you trying to raise through crowdfunding with IMPACT Georgia State?

* 11. Please provide a detailed budget for the funds raised. Make sure to include a breakdown of how the funds will be spent. A sample budget can be obtained from the Office of Annual Programs, if needed.

* 12. How will the funds you raise be disbursed? (Note: disbursement of all funds have specific guidelines which need to be met. The Office of Annual Programs will provide these guidelines during the application review process.)

* 13. If you exceed your fundraising goal, how will additional funds be used?

* 14. Do you have other sources of income for the project? If yes, please explain.

* 15. When would you like to launch your project? (NOTE: If your launch date is less than 10 weeks from the date of your application, please contact the Office of Annual Programs before submitting your application.)

* 16. How does your project tie back to the mission of Georgia State University?

* 17. Tell us about the purpose of your project.
Please consider: What goals have you set? What is the impact that your project will ultimately make? How and will this project be possible if you don’t hit your target fundraising goal? How many students will be impacted by your project?

* 18. Tell us about your project team and your overall reach.
Please consider: How many members are in your group? How many of them are students? Will all members of your organization/group be active in this project? How many email and social media contacts (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are within reach of your group? Who is your target audience for this crowdfunding campaign?

* 19. Projects require the use of videos, images, and other promotional materials for both project launch and updates throughout the project. Groups are not expected to have the use of professional resources for these materials. Are you prepared to provide videos, pictures and other promotional materials within 1-2 weeks of application approval?

* 20. Have you developed a communications plan for the quiet and live phases of your project? Please provide any details. (NOTE: The Office of Annual Programs can provide resources to assist in developing a project strategy).

* 21. How will you follow-up with donors after the crowdfunding project has ended?

* 22. Why do you think that your group will be successful in achieving your fundraising goal?

* 23. Do you have any additional comments you would like to include or information you would like to provide?