The IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Program has a real impact on participants and their communities by inspiring, empowering, and supporting young leaders to take meaningful action toward sustainability. We look forward to learning more about you and your fit for this program in the following brief application form.

The training experience is valued at nearly $8000, enabling you access to top-notch training, professional coaching, mentorship and enabling access to up to $5000 funding. Thanks to our supporters and partners, the program fees are also highly subsidized. 

If you are accepted and complete the training, you will become an IMPACT! Leader, one of more than 1,300 alumni across the country striving to improve their communities.

After completing the application and clicking “Submit”, you will see a confirmation screen to verify that we have received your application. You will NOT receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

Your application will be reviewed after the application deadline for your preferred session. You will receive an update on your status shortly after the deadline, regardless of whether or not you were accepted to the program.

If you have not reviewed the program details yet or have questions, please visit

(Pour remplir ce formulaire d’inscription en français, visitez le site :

* 1. Which regional session of this program are you applying for? (For details, please see Additional sessions will be added as they are announced.)

* 2. About you

* 3. CRITERIA: All applicants will be evaluated on the quality and strength of their applications, as well as suitability for the program, provided they meet EITHER of the following criteria. Please select all that apply.

* 4. EXCEPTIONS: If you do not meet EITHER of the above criteria, exceptions may be made for applicants from partners and those close to the criteria who are particularly strong candidates and would be a good fit in the program. If this applies to you, please explain your circumstances and why you would like us to make an exception to the criteria for you. Please include your age and student status in your response, including the date when you were last in school. (One paragraph recommended)

NOTE: Applicants who are granted an exception may not be eligible for all of the program supports available.

* 5. MOTIVATION: Please describe your motivation for applying for this program and what you hope to gain from participating. (One paragraph recommended)

* 6. IDEAS & INVOLVEMENT: We would like to get a sense of your current interests, ideas, and involvement in projects in your community. It is not a requirement to have a clear idea for a project at this time. Please describe the sustainability project or social enterprise ideas you have, including initial ideas you are considering, ideas you’d like to launch, or ideas you are currently working on. (One to two paragraphs recommended)

* 7. How did you hear about this program? Please select all that apply.

* 8. If you are connected with one of our local partners, you may qualify for a discounted fee. Please tell us what in-person presentation you saw, or what partner organization(s) you are connected to:

* 9. BURSARY: A limited number of bursaries are available to reduce the $100 participant fee. Bursaries do not cover accommodation or travel, which is the responsibility of all participants. If you are accepted for a bursary, you will be given a code upon acceptance to the program. If you would like to request a bursary due to financial need, please provide brief rationale (one sentence recommended).

* 10. COMMITMENT: If you are accepted to IMPACT!, do you agree to the following? (For details, please see