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Understanding Inclusive Business Practices Amongst Canadian Producers

The Independent Media Producers Association of Creative Talent (IMPACT) is leading a research initiative to better understand current practices and barriers to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce from the producer's perspective. The goal of this research is therefore to provide a clear picture of where and why change efforts are working, how best to support and accelerate them, and where and why those efforts are falling short.

Until now, this type of research has not been done, making it more difficult to speak concretely about barriers and issues of representation, and to pursue solutions that are supportive to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour working in the sector. By participating in this research, you will be contributing to an important body of knowledge that can affect real change.

Your voice matters. Your feedback will be used to advance discussion in the sector on diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

Participation in this survey is completely anonymous and confidential.

The results from this survey will be reported as "themes", and never tied to individuals. If you choose, you may volunteer to participate in a follow-up discussion at the end of the survey, but this is not a requirement. Additionally, you may, at any time withdraw your participation, and your data will be removed.

Thank you in advance for your participation and honest sharing of your experiences.
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