This survey is being conducted by NCART ( to gather information on the ability of Illinois Medicaid recipients to obtain certain specialized medical equipment and related repairs. The questions are in regards to anyone covered by Illinois Medicaid.

* 1. Address- This information will be used to provide updates on IL Medicaid.  It is not required to complete the survey. 

* 2. Due to recent changes in Medicaid reimbursement, have you or someone you know been turned away by a medical equipment provider when requesting new equipment such as customized wheelchairs, seating and positioning systems, specialty equipment such as standing frames, gait trainers, and bathing equipment, or service/repair to existing equipment?

* 3. If the answer to Question #2 was yes, have you since received the equipment or services that you needed?

* 4. What would happen to you or someone you know if they were not able to get medically necessary equipment or repairs to their equipment in a timely manner?

* 5. May we contact you in response to this survey?

* 6. Would you be willing to participate in advocacy activities in IL to see this issue resolved?