RFP 2 Feedback and Comments

Dear Colleagues,
We request your feedback and comments on the Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) RFP 2. Please use this survey to submit your input. All information is submitted anonymously. The comment period will close Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 5 p.m.

UC’s Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is a direct response to an initiative included in the Governor's January 2013 budget proposal that dedicates $10 million of State funding to increase access to high demand courses for UC matriculated undergraduates. . ILTI will employ sound pedagogical strategies and knowledge of how students learn to create UC-quality undergraduate online courses and online components for hybrid courses. ILTI will help UC undergraduates get the courses they need when they need them to satisfy degree requirements and graduate in a timely manner.

ILTI will leverage and move beyond current UC campuses’ online efforts and further enrich the use of innovative learning technology in the undergraduate instructional program. With leadership from the UC Office of the President and the Academic Senate, faculty, students, and administrators have engaged in a comprehensive planning process that resulted in the four-part ILTI framework, including: development of courses and course components, department and campus support, cross-campus enrollment, and evaluation and accountability. These elements constitute a comprehensive, cohesive plan that will enhance the educational opportunities and achievements of UC’s undergraduates. To learn more about ILTI go to: http://www.ucop.edu/academic-affairs/innovative-learning-technology-initiative/index.html.

* 2. Background Information: Please select your campus.

* 3. Background Information: Did you attend any of the following ILTI meetings?

* 4. RFP 2 Draft Clarity
After reading the ILTI RFP 2 draft, please identify any ideas or issues that are unclear, and indicate the section(s)where you found the problem, e.g., Page 3, 3rd paragraph.

* 5. Concerns and Issues
Please indicate below any serious concerns or issues related to the ILTI RFP 2 draft.

* 6. Additional Information
Is anything missing from the ILTI RFP 2 draft? If yes, please make specific suggestions about what should be added to the draft to make it better, clearer, or more closely aligned with ILTI goals and objectives and criteria.

* 7. Additional Comments and Feedback