We are excited your team is submitting an abstract for the ILPQC Fifth Annual Conference! This is a great opportunity for your team to share your amazing QI work and improvements. The top 3 abstracts in each of the following categories will be recognized for excellence at the Annual Conference:

- Severe Maternal HTN with plans for sustainability
- Golden Hour with plans for sustainability
- Work you are doing regaring mothers and infants affected by opioids (OB and Neonatal)
- Work you are doing regarding Immediate Postpartum Long Acting Reversible Contraception
- Family & Patient Engagement

Additional recognition will be given to abstracts with the best use of data and the best project implementation.

Please submit your abstract below (<300 words). Abstracts in each category submitted by Monday, November 20th EOB will be blindly reviewed for excellence on predetermined criteria by a panel of reviewers. 

Abstracts submitted after Monday, November 20th but before Monday, November 27th will be considered Late Breaking Abstracts. All abstracts submitted will be accepted, but only those submitted before the November 20th deadline will be considered for the review process.

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Note: This is a blind review. Please refrain from adding your hospital's identifying information in the abstract. Thank you!

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