The Debate Questions

Following are the four debate questions covered at our presentations.  Please feel free to revisit them and comment at your leisure.  We are interested in getting a broad sense of issues that matter to you.  All answers will be anonymous.
Thank you for taking the time to comment.

* 1. Please state your title:

* 2. Pleas state your country of origin:

* 3. Which IL model, or standard do you use [personally, at your institution, and nationally]?

* 4. Which IL model(s) should we use? How should we define/frame educational interventions, in terms of a theoretical lens and/or orientation, conceptual framework, process model, professional standards or guidelines?

* 5. What should our purpose be? Improve academic performance, prepare graduates for employment, or help people interact with information for lifewide and lifelong learning as informed citizens?

* 6. How should we position information literacy?
As a transferable, measurable skill set; a higher-order, knowledge-based meta-competence; or a soft applied discipline, with its own distinct identity?

* 7. How should we assess information literacy?
What types of measures should we use, e.g., affective, behavioral, cognitive? How should we collect evidence, e.g., exercises, tests, course products, narratives, observation, interviews? When should we do it?