Sydney, Australia

IIMHL has now conducted eleven (11) Leadership Exchanges and has evaluated these. We would like to obtain feedback on the twelfth (12th) Leadership Exchange in 2017, thus would appreciate it if participants would complete the following questionnaire. Your responses will be confidential.

Please take the time to complete this. Your feedback will help us improve.
Section 1 - Your leadership ‘match’ only (Questions on the two-day Combined Meeting are in Section 2)

* 1. What other years did you participate in the IIMHL Leadership Exchange & Network Meeting?

* 2. In 2017 if you participated in a match and hosted visitors, were you from:

* 3. Please rate the quality of information sent in 2017 by IIMHL for preparation for the Exchange?

* 4. Please rate the quality of hosts preparation prior to the 2017 Exchange (e.g. contact made early, collaboration on agenda, information sent about host’s services):

* 5. In 2017 if you participated in a match and were a visitor, where were you from?

* 6. What were the 3 key benefits from your 2017 Leadership Exchange (whether you were a host or visitor)?

* 7. This year IIMHL had a variety of size of matches; how was the size of your match for learning?

  0 - Poor 1 2 3 4 5 - Excellent
0 - 3 people
3 - 10 people
10 - 20 people
20+ people
Section 2 - Sydney Combined Meeting Only

* 8. Please rate the “Match Spotlight” session where hosts talked/showed information about innovations from their match:

* 9. Name your top 3 highlights of the Combined Meeting in Sydney:

* 10. Describe 2 ways in which the Combined Meeting could be improved:

Overall Assessment

* 11. Please write a single word which describes your experience in this Leadership Exchange:

* 12. Please rate the Combined Meeting venue:

* 13. Please rate the opportunity to network:

* 14. Please rate the relevance of the content to your work:

Section 3 - Ongoing IIMHL activities with other people in other countries BETWEEN exchanges

* 15. I am involved in one or more IIMHL topic/theme-related collaborations/activities.

* 16. I am able to tap into international expertise for my work.

* 17. I have ongoing contact with people I met via email (or other).

Section 4 - Planning for the IIMHL Exchange 2018 in Sweden

* 18. 3 key topics I would like included in the 2018 matches are:

* 19. I am from a country in this region and would like to offer to host a match.

* 20. The service/topic I would focus on is:

* 21. Other comments welcome!

* 22. My name and contact details are: (optional)

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback!
Janet Peters, IIMHL
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