On Sunday 25th August our Church hosted a “Ministry Fair” with sign-up tables for different teams, short term task forces, rosters and ad-hoc opportunities.  This "online signup" is for people who missed the fair to ponder opportunities to serve under 6 main headings:
    * Faith & Discipleship / Worship - including music teams; worship planning & support; and worship rosters
    * Children, Youth & Families—including helping out at the different groups; Turratots management etc
    * Pastoral Care and Seniors Ministry
    * Community Engagement Team (one of our vision goals) to look at how we can best connect with the local community.
    * Property and Finance / Governance
    * Other (Social Justice / Mission initiatives)

Anyone who signs up for something will be supported with guidance, training (if needed), encouragement and support.

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* Contact information (to be able to follow up your "sign up" choices")

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