Voting is now underway for the 5 open seats on the IHLS Board of Directors.

Seats to be filled are:

1 Academic Library Representative (3-year term)
1 School Library Representative (3-year term)
1 Special Library Representative (3-year term)
2 Public Library Trustee Representatives (3-year term each)

IHLS Board Current Members
Member Board Seat & Library Term Expires
Bant, Geoffrey Public Library Trustee – Urbana Free Library July 2018
Barteau, Mary School Library Representative – Belleville West High School July 2018
Beil, Mary School Library Representative – Lebanon CUSD #9 July 2018
Hubert, Tina Public Library Representative – Six Mille Regional Library District July 2018
Jones, Gary Public Library Trustee – Harrisburg Public Library District July 2018
Obert, Beverly Public Library Trustee – Atwood Hammond Public Library District July 2019
Owen, Deborah Public Library Trustee – Glen Carbon Centennial Library District July 2018
Phillips, John Public Library Trustee – Decatur Public Library District July 2019
Topel, Charlene Public Library Trustee – Effingham Public Library July 2018
Zumwalt, Sara Public Library Representative – Litchfield Public Library District July 2019

Please read these instructions carefully prior to voting:

All voting is done electronically via this survey.


Please ensure that only one person at your library responds to this survey. If your system membership is shared among multiple locations or branches, be sure that only one person votes on behalf of ALL combined locations.

VOTING DEADLINE: 11:59 p.m. Saturday; April 15, 2017
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