PDCA Feedback Loop for IGLC 2016

Lean practices promote the use of the Deming Cycle of "Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust" (PDCA) to ensure that we are steadily working on continuous improvement. Thus, a tradition of the Lean Design and Construction community is to close all meetings with "Plus / Deltas." "Plusses" ask, "How did participating in this meeting add value for you?" "Deltas" then clarify, "How would you suggest we improve this meeting if we were to hold it again?" 

IGLC 2016 asks that you provide feedback about your experience at IGLC 2016 either by posting your "Plus / Deltas" on sticky notes on the large sheets hung on the walls throughout the ground floor and/or through this online survey. Thank you!

* 1. What portions of IGLC 2016 are you providing feedback on?

* 2. PLUSSES: How did participating in IGLC 2016 add value for you? Please make sure to clarify what events of IGLC that you are commenting about.

* 3. DELTAS: How would you suggest we improve IGLC 2016? Please make sure to clarify what events of IGLC that you are commenting about.

* 4. What is your name and e-mail address? If you wish to provide your feedback anonymously, please enter "N/A"

* 5. Would you like IGLC 2016 to follow up with you after the conference to discuss your feedback further?