IFMAT III Tribal Public Questionnaire

In 1990 Congress passed the National Indian Forest Resource Management Act (NIFRMA) in order to assure that Indian forest lands were managed in a sustainable manner that benefited tribes and that the Bureau of Indian Affairs was living up to its Trust responsibility in relation to forest management on tribal lands

As part of NIFRMA, the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team (IFMAT) process was created. This calls for a once every ten year review of the state of Indian forestry by an objective 3rd party group of forestry experts. The IFMAT III team is currently conducting the 3rd of these assessments, with a report due in fall of 2013

This survey is a part of that process, and is designed so that the IFMAT team can hear the opinions of the tribal public and to ensure that programs meet the objectives and goals of individual tribes.

The Intertribal Timber Council (ITC) believes that the information obtained through these questions will be of vital importance to the future of Indian Forest lands and strongly urges you to take the time to personally complete the survey. Your participation, perspectives and opinions will be invaluable. We appreciate your candid opinions. All responses will be reported in terms of trends, ensuring the confidentiality of individual responses. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes.