On October 7th, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation announced a $3 million investment in Maine through a new initiative called Blackstone Accelerates Growth.  This initiative will establish regional hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship which will serve as catalysts to propel new and existing businesses to greater levels of profitability and job growth. The initiative is funding 400 scholarships over a three year period for students to take Innovation Engineering courses. Innovation Engineering is a system for developing and bringing innovations to market, and as part of the initiative, businesses will learn how to use and apply this system to grow their companies.  Students who have taken Innovation Engineering courses will be eligible to apply for paid internships in the innovation hubs, working with the companies that are part of the initiative.
The scholarship will pay for the full cost of tuition for one Innovation Engineering course at any of the University of Maine System campuses currently offering the program.  Students must successfully complete the course to receive the scholarship.
Because the Blackstone Accelerates Growth project is focused on building innovation and entrepreneurship in Maine, we will evaluate scholarship applications based on the student's commitment to Maine, demonstrated interest in Innovation Engineering, and interest in serving as an intern in Maine.

Deadline for submission is August 15, 2012 at midnight!

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