Statement of Solidarity

The Southcoast Community Response Corps is a network that was created as a local response to addressing issues of homelessness, food access, basic needs, and more during the COVID-19 crisis. We are comprised of a diverse array of helpers: representatives from local nonprofits, government, faith-based institutions, and community members seeking to help individuals and families through this extremely challenging time.

While we have been navigating through one crisis, the crisis of systemic racism and injustice in our society has been ongoing for over 400 years. As a collective network we are saddened, frustrated, and angered by continuous violence driven by systemic racism and we know that to stay silent is to remain complicit. “Racism is a longstanding systemic structure in this country that must be dismantled, through brutally honest conversations, policy changes and practices… And it is amplified during this pandemic as communities of color face inequities in everything from a greater burden of COVID-19 cases to less access to testing, treatment and care.” --American Public Health Association Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD

We call on any organization or representative that has participated in the SCRC network to join in uniting a collective voice of solidarity with the Black Community and all communities which have experienced systemic injustice, violence, racism, or other mistreatment. We know that we can do better and there is no better time than the present. 


We will display a list of all organizations and representatives that have signed via email and social media.  Let’s see this as the moment we make a better tomorrow for our amazing community.

There is also an open invitation to the following regular meetings:

Daily Zoom Community Partner Check-In at 11 AM (Email Carl Alves for details: 

Weekly conversation around Cultural and Racial Equity during the COVID-19 crisis Tuesdays at 1 PM (Email Stan Brajer for details: 

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