In order to help us improve the OMR, please take a moment to answer the following questionnaire. This should not take more than 10 minutes. As a token of appreciation, you will be invited, after completing the survey, to enter a draw for one of ten free hard copies of the 2014 Medium-Term Oil Market Report, to be released 18 June 2014.

* 3. How long have you been involved or interested in energy?

* 4. How often do you read the OMR?

* 6. Please rank each section of the OMR by order of its usefulness to you

  Not useful Somewhat useful Very useful Must read
OPEC supply
Non-OPEC supply
OECD Stocks
Tables (in the Report)
Online tables

* 7. Do you find the length of the OMR to be adequate?

  Too short, not enough detail About right Too long, too much detail
OPEC supply
Non-OPEC supply
OECD Stocks

* 8. Is the OMR priced right for the value?

* 9. How does the OMR provide value to you?

  Least valuable Valuable Very valuable Most valuable
Its timeliness
Its objectivity
Its comprehensiveness
The granularity of its data
Its depth of analysis
Its text boxes
Its graphs
Its tables
The fact that it is widely read and helps frame the energy debate

* 10. How relevant do you find the OMR to your interests and concerns?
(Select the statement that best reflects your opinion.)

* 11. Do you sometimes have trouble finding information you seek in the OMR, and if so explain the reason?

* 12. Please rank how you would like to access the OMR in the future.

  Most favourite Least favourite I would not use this medium
Electronic format (Pdf or e-book)
Mobile app (e.g. for tablet)
Online through an interactive web interface

* 13. If there is one change that you would recommend to improve the OMR, what would it be?

* 14. Please enter any additional comment?

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