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About this reporting form

TMHA is committed to promoting an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment. In summer 2022, TMHA conducted a DEI Survey. Data from the survey indicated that some negative work experiences do not get reported for a variety of reasons. In order to improve the workplace environment by limiting negative impact, the DEI Committee has created a form for staff, clients, and community members to share any reportable experiences of bias or microaggressions based on their identity.

This reporting form is designed to understand the types of biases and microaggressions staff experience; closing the gap between issues that occur and issues that are reported in order to foster a more welcoming and inclusive workplace through prevention and education.
The review team, consisting of the HR Director, Executive Director and DEI Consultant, will  track and create awareness of issues within the organization that do not get formally reported, addressing the perception that they will not be taken seriously. Understanding the frequency and types of bias that occur  will help  focus training and education for the organization.
The Review Team will receive the Report Forms and utilize and analyze the information to create training topics, prioritize DEI initiatives, and intentionally support affected staff. The information shared on the reports will only be used for informational purposes, unless otherwise requested by the reporting party on the form or by Human Resources staff.
What is identity-based harm?
Identity-based harm includes actions that automatically or unintentionally stereotype, exclude show bias, disrespect or diminish the value of anyone in our community based on their identity (such as race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion). Identity-based harm may affect one’s ability to thrive, as well as their psychological safety and well-being.
Please note that if an employee feels that they may have experience an incident of illegal harassment or discrimination, they are encourage to report it to their supervisor and/or the Human Resources Department based on our policy in the TMHA employee handbook.
What happens after I report?
Reports are reviewed by Review Team. To protect confidentiality, the reporting party will get an automated confirmation, but will not receive follow-up unless requested and contact information is provided.  The Review Team will develop an appropriate response, when needed, to share with the DEI committee.
If this report indicates a violation of TMHA’s policies against workplace sexual harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, Human Resources will follow up on the report per TMHA’s policy.

Methods of Reporting
In addition to this Reporting Form, there is a Compliance Hotline at OR 833-290-0001 where messages can be left anonymously.  There is a physical Suggestion Box at the High Street office and  an online Survey Monkey suggestion box at, where written message can be left anonymously.
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