Program Overview

Virtual Program: March 17-22, 2022
In-person Program: March 25-27, 2022
Project Implementation: May-October 2022
Application Deadline: February 13, 2022

The IDEAL Workshop is an opportunity for FLEX and YES alumni from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, N. Macedonia, and Serbia to develop knowledge, skills, and experience in the following areas:

Mental Health – Participants will explore what mental health is; how to maintain one's mental health; how to deal with common mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and trauma; how to help someone struggling with mental health concerns; and how to promote more openness and understanding regarding mental health in our communities.

Public Health and Public Opinion – Participants will explore the impact of stigma, misinformation, gossip, and other social behaviors and mores on public health issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and reproductive health and safety.

Environment – Participants will explore current environmental concerns and impacts on society (particularly in the SEE region), as well as practical tools and approaches for environmental protection, advocacy, and activism.
Peacebuilding – Participants will complete the NewGen Peacebuilders certification program, “an award-winning peace education, training and mentoring program that equips people to build peace and repeat the peace in their communities, countries and the world.”
The program will consist of four phases:
Pre-workshop Training in Country Groups – Virtual
March 17 (2 hours, evening)
Regional Program – Virtual
March 18-22, 2022 (weekday evenings - 3 hours / weekend days - 6.5 hours, including breaks)
Each participant will explore one of the topics listed above as part of a “theme group” with alumni from across the region. Sessions will be led by experts who are alumni themselves.
Country Group Program – In-person
March 25-27, 2022
Each participating country will have a unique local program. The program will include development of community projects based on the virtual workshop themes, as well as trainings, lectures, peer education activities, local site visits, teambuilding activities, and/or other program elements that meet the needs and interests of participating alumni.
Project Implementation
May-October 2022
Participants are required to implement a project that utilizes the knowledge and skills gained through the workshop to impact their communities in a positive way. Each participant will be eligible (though not required) to receive grant funding of up to $100. Alumni will have the option of working individually or in groups.
Who can participate in this workshop?
All FLEX (A-SMYLE) and YES alumni from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia are eligible. Alumni may apply to participate in the virtual component only. Alumni who wish to participate in the in-person component must complete the virtual component. They must also be fully vaccinated and agree to comply with other measures intended to maximize safety, including undergoing COVID-19 testing prior to the event.

Alumni who participate in this and other virtual and hybrid programs will have preference in selection for future in-person programs, including international workshops.