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The World Bank is embarking on a new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Sector Strategy.
Consultations with external stakeholders are important to help us define our approach. We would like to hear your thoughts.

The new Strategy will propose an approach for scaling up our support to client countries, using ICT to unleash innovation across the economy and grow local ICT industries, and address the remaining gaps in the connectivity agenda. Our Approach Paper for this Strategy covers telecommunications infrastructure (phones, internet and broadband); applications (such as electronic government, mobile health, mobile banking); information technology enabled services industry (IT/ITES); and content. The proposed Strategy of the World Bank Group focuses on three strategic directions:

  • CONNECT: Maintain a focus on the connectivity agenda with an emphasis on high-speed Internet.
  • INNOVATE: Increase support for the use of ICT to unleash innovation across the economy and for the growth of local ICT industries.
  • TRANSFORM: Scale up support to client countries to use ICT to transform all areas of the economy.
We are currently seeking your feedback on the Approach Paper, and at a later date will be doing the same for the Strategy.
We will invite you to provide comments on the overall Approach Paper or on specific areas of ICT applications, such as health, education, or finance.

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Note: Prior to completing this questionnaire, please review our Approach Paper.
Additional background materials are available at www.worldbank.org/ict/strategy.