State of the Art: Dec 7th-9th 2015
Thank you for taking part in this brief survey.  It can be answered within 2-4 minutes.
Completed entries will be entered into a draw for a complimentary 3-day pass for this year's conference or one year's free ICS membership (your choice).  Please include contact details (not compulsory) if you wish to enter.
We would like to make ICS SOA 2015 your meeting, and for you to help us design and plan it. 

We will ask you briefly about your background, and then would like your input into the design of:
(1) the conference content
(2) the style and formality of the conference,
(3) the social and networking element
(4) the use of electronic media, and
(5) the venue, accommodation, and catering.
The sections can each be finished in about a minute, but you will find space for more detailed feedback if you wish.  Credit will be given in the conference literature where appropriate (if you opt to leave your name). 
We would genuinely like you to take part in how ICS SOA 2015 runs. 
Twitter: @Ganesh_ICM  @ICSmeetings  #icssoa2015.  Join the conversation.