1. General Information

For the purposes of this survey, online freelancing includes all types of micro-tasks, business process outsourcing and consulting that is mediated through an online platform
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  • Expected duration of this questionnaire is 20 minutes 

* 1. Age

* 2. Sex

* 3. State/Province

* 4. City/Town

* 5. Please state your highest level of education

* 6. Please state your Occupation

* 7. Is your occupation your primary source of income? Yes/ No/ Not Applicable

* 8. Is your occupation your only source of income? Yes/ No/ Not Applicable

* 9. If the response to Question 8 is No/ Not Applicable, your other sources of income include

* 10. Your income per month is

* 11. Are you currently

* 12. Do you live with your parents?

* 13. Here is a list of qualities that children can be encouraged to learn at home. Name three which you consider to be especially important:

* 14. Please indicate how closely you reflect the personalities listed below

  Not At All Like You Not Like You Somewhat Like You Like You Very Much Like You
Adventure and taking risks are important to have an exciting life
To be successful, it is important that people recognise your achievements
It is important to think up new ideas and be creative and to do things in your  own way

* 15. When you use the Internet, what do you spend most time on? (Select top three)

* 16. Out of the three you selected in Q15, which do you find most useful?

* 17. Do you engage in Microwork/ Online Freelancing?