A survey, why?

The bibliography was first produced at the request of field communication delegates, who were in charge of encouraging universities to offer IHL courses and of assisting professors who taught this subject. The delegates needed a tool they could give their contacts to help them develop or update their IHL knowledge.

It quickly emerged that the bibliography was also helpful to other researchers, students and legal professionals working in the field of IHL.

We consider that the bibliography can be useful for developing and strengthening IHL knowledge, helping ICRC delegations, National Societies, schools, universities, research centres etc. to build up their library’s IHL collection, and keeping track of topical IHL issues being tackled by academics.

We also believe it is also useful for authors in the process of writing articles, books and theses and legal professionals who work on IHL on a daily basis to see what has been written on a specific IHL subject.

However, there is sometimes a gap between what we think a product is useful for, and why/how it is actually used. We need to know that the product is fulfilling its purpose and if not how we could improve it so that it can.