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If the crime is in progress, please do not use this page, but call 9-1-1!

The crime information reporting form allows members of the ICOM community a confidential means of assisting Campus Security in our efforts to foster a safe and secure environment for all ICOM students, employees, and visitors.

If you have any information concerning a crime on campus, or if you wish to report any safety or security concerns you may have, please take time to complete this form. 

You may remain anonymous if you wish, but we encourage you to identify yourself as we may need to contact you to ask additional questions in order to adequately investigate the information you provide.

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* 1. Do you wish to remain anonymous?

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* 2. Your name (unless you request to remain anonymous)

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* 3. Your mobile phone number and email address (unless you request to remain anonymous)

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* 4. Date and time of incident, if known


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* 5. Please describe in detail the information you would like to to report:

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* 6. How are you affiliated with ICOM?

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