With this form, you can endorse the statement drafted by the Initiative for Children in Migration*, setting out our vision of what a comprehensive and rights-based approach to all children in migration actually means. The statement is the result of a collective effort of many organisations involved in the Initiative and is available here.  

The Initiative invites organisations working with children in migration to promote this vision and its recommendations. 

     * Using the vision will help make our collective advocacy more effective through consistent calls for action at different levels, locally, nationally and at European level.

     * The vision and the background paper will support joint advocacy in your country with stakeholders from different interests or backgrounds (including child rights organisations, migration organisations, human rights organisations, youth networks, social welfare organisations).

You are therefore invited to sign on to the vision statement and make it visible on your own website as well as including it in your advocacy. The online platform of the Initiative, available at www.childreninmigration.eu, will include the list of organisations that have endorsed this approach with you. 
*The Initiative for Children in Migration is an informal collaboration among NGOs and IGOs who are involved in coordinated advocacy on EU law and policy impacting children in migration. The Initiative encourages the European and national institutions to fulfil the rights and protection of all children in migration.

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