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The ITF Seafarers' Trust has funded the ICMA Ship Visitor App to support ship visiting in ports globally. One task of ship visitors is the regular reports they need to generate to funders, trustees or other port welfare committees on the use of vehicles for seafarers' welfare. As part of the ITF Seafarers' Trust funding for the ICMA Ship Visitor app, a new tool has been developed that can help you easily keep track of how your vehicle is being used. This new feature in the app will save time and the hassle of tracking down information from various drivers or ship visitors. Rather than deal with manually entering data into spreadsheets or other documents, you can now easily produce a report in the app to send to a funder (like the ITF Seafarers' Trust), your trustees or any other committee you choose. In order to get started using this new vehicle information tool, we need to enter basic data about your vehicle into the ICMA Ship Visitor app. If you agree to use this additional tool within the ICMA Ship Visitor app, please fill out this short survey.

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