The International Code Council Training Department has multiple opportunities for our members, clients and partners to share their expertise with the broader Code Council community via select training opportunities, which include:
  • In-Person:  Annual Conference Training Session (90-minutes), Submission deadline is March 31st
  • In-Person:  Annual Conference Trade Show (30-minutes), Submission deadline is March 31st
  • Online Live:  Learn Live Series (revamped, weekly 60 to 90-minutes)
  • Online Self-Paced:  Strategically Targeted Topics (varying lengths as appropriate)
We continually seek training proposals focused on educational, technical, and practical topics spanning the entire spectrum of building safety, fire & life safety, administration, enforcement, and construction (with special emphasis on emerging topics such as Offsite Construction, Energy, Adaptive Reuse, etc.).  Submissions will be evaluated by the Code Council’s Education Committee (appointed by the Board of Directors) as well as key staff leaders from across the Code Council family of solutions.
Submissions should include:
  • An overview and broad outline of the proposed topic
  • A list of objectives for the training (4 minimum)
  • A draft version of the curriculum and related presentation
  • A resume or summary of credentials for the intended presenter(s)
  • Expected length and preferred delivery method
It is important for our ability to assign Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that any proposed topic deliver educational value vs. advertising a specific product or service (even if delivered by a product or service provider).  Most Code Council presenters volunteer their time as an investment in the industry or in exchange for the broad industry exposure, so let us know if your circumstance would require remuneration to proceed.
We are excited to continue engaging the broader Code Council community in our mutual goal—Building Professional Careers.
Matthew L. Winn
Senior Vice President of Training
International Code Council