1. Introduction

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20% of survey complete.

Before beginning the Supplemental Questions survey you should have your CV and your transcript(s) available and have investigated the IUSM Ph.D. programs and faculty that are of interest to you. The Supplemental Questions are a required component of your IBMG application, along with the other application materials as outlined at: PhD Admissions

You may view the PDF of the Supplemental Questions prior to completing the survey. We require the supplemental questions to be submitted via this survey.

Points to consider before you begin:

  • Your name and e-mail you submit on this survey must match the name and e-mail you listed on your online application
  • You must complete and submit this survey only ONCE
  • You must be prepared to complete this survey in one sitting
  • This should take you roughly 20 minutes
  • When you return to the online application, the department questions section may say, "no answer entered" - if you have completed this survey, disregard that notice as it is not accurate. We will send you an updated checklist soon after submission of your application, and you will see on the updated checklist that your supplemental questions were submitted if you complete this survey!