Details for the event:

This overview seeks feedback on the proposed format for the IBD distilling review event.

This collection of seminars supports distillers undertaking the General Certificate of Distilling and offers valuable professional development for those interested in understanding the type of content available in the IBD qualification.

This event is proposed as a whole day online event on Friday 4 December. This event, will be an online revision event and will run for the whole day as follows:
  1.  0900-0930: Understanding yeast - Overview of yeast, its role in creating great spirit, and stages of activity. (IBD content)
  2. 0930-1100:  Getting the brew right. Why a good wash makes for a great spirit and how to reverse engineer troubles with the wash (IBD content)
  3. 1115-1230: Distilling. Getting the most out of your still. Why distilling is not set and forget. How to tune your spirit by knowing more about what’s going on with the copper? (IBD content)
  4. 1315-1400: New spirits - Are rum and brandy the new gin? The experience of a new rum brand 1 year on 
  5. 1400-1425: Going from good to great. How to get the marketing right when you want to grow your business 
  6. 1500-1545: Barrels and the role they play in creating great spirit (IBD content)
  7. 1545-1615: How to ensure all your spirits are awesome. Quality control when making more than one spirit (IBD content)
  8. 1615-1645: QA & review
We have provided a few other options for people to consider. This might include 2 sequential evening sessions of 4-hours each, or two evening sessions a week apart.
Additionally, if you would like to view the sessions at your leisure and want to be able to access the presentation at any time then let us know that as well.
Cost to be determined based on interest - but likely to be priced under $495 for the series.

From here, if there is enough interest we will finalise the schedule and invite you to register.

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* 1. Is there any other content you would like to see in this course or as part of an IBD series?

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* 2. Details - please keep me on the list for the course