Details for the event:

This form is designed to collect information from people interested to do the IBD General Certificate event with The Whisky Academy in Hobart on 22-23 April 2021.
The following topics/experiences will be covered and delivered by IBD Lecturer Ian Thorn: (Note: final topics will be provided early Feb)
  • Raw material processing
  • Fermentation – Theory and Technology
  • Distilling overview
  • The business side of distilling
  • Process flow and optimising production
  • Overview of chemistry
  • Barrel management
  • White spirit overview
  • Maintenance and cleaning (CIP)
  • Visit to White Label Distillery
  • Visit to Sawford Distillery
  • Visit to Willie Smiths

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* 1. Please let me know when booking are open.

Information about the course:
It is important to note that this 2 day course is an overview of a proportion of the topics covered by doing the IBD General Certificate. It is different to the 5 day course we have previously run and is designed to complement the online course which is found at  
People who are interested in a certification need to do the online course and the exam which is administered by IBD. This course will provide valuable professional development and networking.
Places are limited for this course based on venue capacity.
Additionally, due to COVID there is an expectation that all participants will follow the social distancing rules applied by our various venues and providers.
Importantly, because this is a face to face event in Hobart, each participant MUST accept that COVID may mean that access to Tasmania from other states in Australia may change at the last moment. We will be happy to offer a 50% refund on tickets that are cancelled up to the last 4 days (18 April) before the event starts as a result of COVID or quarantine requirements. Tickets cancelled in the last 4 days will be charged to cover the cost of prepaid course costs such as venue, catering and bus.
Further details about COVID impacts will be provided in due course.